Powerful Alarm Monitoring Software Over 120 Schools Trust

Find out why over 120 schools have switched to our alarm monitoring software to protect their students, faculty and employees. These schools have saved valuable budgetary dollars by bringing their monitoring in house.

Why Educational Facilities Choose MKS School Security Software:

  • MKS school security software has been vetted and approved by multiple state education purchasing departments
  • Take back control of your command center by ensuring your team is the first responder to the scene
  • Powerful add-on modules let you expand your monitoring as your school safety needs grow and change
  • No costly add-on fees or long-term commitments that stretch your tight school budget
  • Valuable implementation services to help your school’s security team get the best monitoring coverage out of our solutions
See why over 120 schools have switched to MKS in house monitoring
Discover how you can free up budget money and protect your schools by brining your monitoring in house!